Saturday, July 31, 2010

THE World's Greatest Best Friend, Cynthia.

Cynthia is the greatest friend I could ask for.

We are still best friends after 8 years. (Almost 9?)

I feel like she is my sister.

Her family feels like my family that just lives in a different house down the street for some weird reason.

She calls my Mum, Mum.

My Mum acts like Cynth really is her daughter.

My Mum was so happy she got to be in with Cynth's little family when they got sealed.

I loved being outside the temple waiting for them.

Being in the church room with her family when Skyler was receiving the Priesthood was amazing.

My family loves her and her family.

I am going to miss her family just as much as my own when I move.

I know if I am having a rough time in Cali I can call her anytime.

She always makes me feel better.

Cynth will always be my best friend.
No matter who I meet in life I know they could never replace the amazing friend that Cynth is to me.
I love her so much and always will.

Thank you for being my Best Friend.

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