Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Cynthia Is My Best Friend.

She was just as excited for me to come home as I was.
She was happy for me that I wanted to hang out with Ross the night I got home.
She didn't get upset that I wasn't able to see her right when I got back.
She gave me a big hug when I got to her parent's house. (Along with sweet action Lils)
She didn't care that we just chilled for a while.
She made sure I didn't look when the...(creepy animals)...were on the tv.
She didn't get upset that I couldn't keep a straight face and kept laughing during pictures.
She is such an amazing photographer!
She listens to the coolest music.
She has the best family.
She makes the best pictures on the Paint program.
She always asks me how my life is going.
She always has my back.
She is ready to beat up anyone who attempts to mess with me.
She has a sweet style.
She has a beautiful baby.
She is the BEST partner during Mario Kart. (Especially against the world).
She made a great dinner.
She let me drink a water bottle.
She let me eat her cereal.
She took me to Costco to meet up with my family.