Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Cynthia Is My Best Friend.

She was just as excited for me to come home as I was.
She was happy for me that I wanted to hang out with Ross the night I got home.
She didn't get upset that I wasn't able to see her right when I got back.
She gave me a big hug when I got to her parent's house. (Along with sweet action Lils)
She didn't care that we just chilled for a while.
She made sure I didn't look when the...(creepy animals)...were on the tv.
She didn't get upset that I couldn't keep a straight face and kept laughing during pictures.
She is such an amazing photographer!
She listens to the coolest music.
She has the best family.
She makes the best pictures on the Paint program.
She always asks me how my life is going.
She always has my back.
She is ready to beat up anyone who attempts to mess with me.
She has a sweet style.
She has a beautiful baby.
She is the BEST partner during Mario Kart. (Especially against the world).
She made a great dinner.
She let me drink a water bottle.
She let me eat her cereal.
She took me to Costco to meet up with my family.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best Friends Are Great

Best Friends are the greatest
They Never Judge You For The Odd Things You Do On A Sunday Or What You Want To Be When You Grow Up. Or The Stupid Things You Did In the Past.
They Accept You And Still Love You
I just wish they were here all the time instead of Logan! They should just live in the spare

PS Kels when you read this next time your down Im taking pictures of you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kelsey & Cynthia A Forever Friendship

We met through a mutal friend in 7th grade, when we realized we had 2 classes together.
We would run from English to beginning band every day, she played the trombone I played the flute. We sat across the room from each other of course, but we would pass notes down the rows to each other. I dont know how we got away with that one.... English was just as bad. When we got to sit by each other we would always get in trouble, one time our teacher yelled at us "cynthia and kelsey if you guys talk through another report Im moving you guys away from each other!!" We would always have fun sleepovers and we would end up laughing so much at useless things like "hoof hearted"

When high school came Kels went on to do bigger and greater things with her musical and sports abilities. And I was too busy getting in trouble and falling in love. But somehow our friendship stayed just as strong. We would go to concerts on the weekends when she wasnt busy. I always ended up trying to fight with someone ( i dont know how that happened to me ALL the time) and Kelsey was always holding me back, but we had a great time when we were hanging out.

Towards the end of high school, I got engaged. And when Skyler purposed and I was laughing hysterically I called Kelsey right then and there. Right away I knew who my maid of honor would be. But unfortunately Kelsey would be away in Europe with a band. I was sad but so thrilled for her and this opportunity in front of her. I wondered what she was doing my whole wedding day, and I was kind of jealous she got to experience what Europe was like. When she came home she watched the video of our wedding day and she cried as I cried saying my vows, it was great seeing she really was happy for us.

Even though she wasnt there the day I was married she was there the day my daughter was born and to me thats more important. She was waiting there for me when they wheeled me out of the operating room. She didnt even make a face when I threw up right in front of her. Beside immediate family she was the one who visited us the most. She even brought me chicken nuggets!

There are certain things that define our friendship like sushi nights, laughing so hard we are crying at the most random things, zoolander and betos burritos, going to concerts, sitting and doing nothing at all, cheese parties with Lily, eating, driving down the street while she is steering and Im pushing the pedals. And so much more! Even though now that we are in college and have been seperated by many miles since high school our friendship is as strong as ever. We have always accepted the other and their likes and dislikes. We always support each other and thats why we have a friendship that will last forever.


Day 1 - Wednesday, September 2nd

Cynthia is the BEST best friend in the entire world. I feel sorry for all of the people who aren't her friend.
Sweet action, nice, rad, steezy, gangster, great = Cynth.

Kelsey = REESE.

Spread the Peace.