Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Bestest Best Friend Kelsey

(Hugging My Best Friend on My Sealing Day. One Of My Favorite Pictures)

Me and Kels
have been through a lot together
She was the first person I called when I got engaged
She was one of the firsts to know that I was going to have a baby
She was the first to know we were having a girl
She was there when I had Paris
And she was there for me the day my little family was sealed together for time and all eternity.

She is such a great person
I really wish I could be like her.
She has the best personality and is such a fun loving girl!

The other day she came to my grandma's farewell
(my grandma likes to call her her adopted grandchild ;] )
Skyler couldnt make it because of work so I was there with Paris
Pari started getting fussy and whining
And Aunt Kelsey stepped in to help
giving her snacks, playing with her, holding her,
and even letting Pari steal some of her jewelery
The greatest part is....
I didnt even ask Kels for help!
She just stepped right in and started helping!
I could really feel the love Kels has for me and for my little family
It was such a relief to have her there!

But now...
Kels is moving!
Far away!!!!
Farther than LOGAN!
She is going to be playing softball for a college in Cali
And as much as I am going to miss her and cry that she is so far away
I am so stoked for her! She is gonna do great I know it!



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